Just care perfumed set slim&detox line

Perfumed gift set for body skin care
Cellulite prevention
Lymphatic drainage

Parfume SLIM&DETOX LINE set is created for true pleasure of the soul, intensive body care and figure modeling. SLIM&DETOX collection is based on a unique perfumed composition with notes of amber and vanilla, ginger and musk, pear and clove, which will turn the process of body care into a favorite spa ritual and give true pleasure.

Multi-functional perfumed products from SLIM&DETOX line will provide complex effective skin care: cream scrub simultaneously acts as a shower milk, scrub, cream and perfume, and cream works perfectly with the skin of the whole body: it moisturizes, provides visible lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite effect and at the same time envelops with a trail of chic fragrance for the whole day.


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