Rich Nourishing Cream Butter

Perfumed nourishing body and hands cream butter 50ml
Deep nourishment
Perfumed cream-butter with a rich composition and a subtle niche fragrance is created specifically to soften and nourish the skin of your body and hands, as well as to calm your soul.

Infused with shea and cocoa butter formula is designed to deeply moisturize every cell of your body, gently nourishing it every day. Betaine, vitamins C and E have a powerful antioxidant effect, slowing down the cellular aging process and strengthening the skin. But the main feature of this product is the delicate fragrance with mandarin, vanilla, sandalwood and white musk notes, which gifts you endless pleasure, staying on the body for a long time and awakening all your senses.

Nominal volume: 50ml

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