About the brand

In today’s beauty industry, there are so many brands that don’t differ much from each other. With the same base and the addition of inconsequential ingredients. Just Care is a cosmetics brand with concern, usefulness and meaning at its core.
  • Keeping an eye on the manufacturing to make the product works
    The Just Care team works hard every day to meet all the quality criteria we set for ourselves at the very beginning. It is fundamental for everyone in the team to be on the inside of the production process, to be personally involved in all the details, that's why we cooperate only with those manufactures where we can always come and check all the stages if necessary.
  • Helping to save your time and money
    The versatility of the Just Care series reduces resource consumption without sacrificing quality. Our 2 products will replace your 5: cream scrub can additionally be your shower gel and body cream can be your perfume and hand cream.

    There are no products of comparable quality with complex perfumed fragrances in our price segment. Our competitors use either simplified formulations or mono fragrances.
  • Creating a community of those for whom it is important to really listen to themselves
    So often our first action is to think. We’ve learned how to problem solve and strategize, but in the process we often forget what it means to feel. Do we need to control and reflect on every single thing?

    The Just Care team wants you to use cosmetics not only to look your best (strategy), but also to be in the moment with the fragrance of your choosing (interpreting your feelings). We’re all for letting you find and decide for yourselves what you love. Let Just Care fragrances just be with you all throughout the night and when you wake up, experience them in the morning even on your bed linens.
With Just Care you take care of your body, time and emotions
With Just Care you take care of your body, time and emotions